Quick Scoop on who we are!

Our Brand Name Allura

Allura is an Egyptian brand that was started to provide everything that a girl needs. Offering clothing, perfumes, and MUCH MORE. Launched in 2022, Allura was started as we felt the need to provide compatible designs that cope with the rapid changes that the world is facing.

Our fashionable designs are made of high-quality fabrics chosen specially to fit modern women everywhere at any time . Whether you’re headed to the office, brunch, or out with the girls, we’ve got everything it takes to make you look your best. Shop the latest collection from our clothing line, ranging in dresses to tops, sweaters, Cardigans, pants and MUCH MORE.

Considering size ranges and different body shapes.We offer you pieces that will help you look your best. If you’re curvy, tall,short,petite or even struggling to get maternity clothes, we’ve got what it takes to invent a style that’s all yours… making everyday choices as simple and easy as they could be.

A few words about our fashion Vision!

Our Fashion Democracy

If we were to describe our designs in three words, we would say that they are:

  • COMFORTABLE, our fabrics are mostly made from cotton and natural fabrics to give you the most comfortable feeling as they are soft to the touch. The designs are carefully made to fit and suit a wide range of body shapes in which they’ll feel comfortable.
    The colors and patterns of the designs are eye-comforting so you would always feel confident about the color choice.
  • EASY, our pieces are easy to style as they need the minimal amount of effort to style due to their simplicity. The designs are also easy to wear in everyday occasions. So whether you’re in a hurry and want to throw something on and hop off or you have a special occasion and want to dress up and look your best we’ve got you covered.
  • UNIQUE, Our goal is to help our customers by providing them with the unique outfit and perfumes that make them stand-out from the crowd.

Our Fashion Designer is WHAT makes us UNIQE. Our Fashion Designer is WHAT makes us UNIQE.

Salma Mohamed


a Fragrance of a New Era


Our oriental perfumes are packed with a wide array of scents. They’re prepared to bring out the softness and femininity of the girl who wears them.

Oriental fragrances are best known for the use of exotic and unusual notes, including vanilla, pink pepper, white musk, Patchouli , Sandalwood and orange blossom. Allure’s perfumes will make you smell beautifully feminine and luxurious.


Oriental floral


Oriental floral


Oriental floral